Yinshen shu 隱身術 is Ninjutsu 忍術

Authored by the Japanese Ninjutsu Research Society and published in China, this fascinating piece delves into the intriguing relationship between the Chinese term ‘yinshen shu’ 隱身術 and its Japanese counterpart, ‘ninjutsu’ 忍術.

Yinshen shu 隱身術, originating in ancient China, embodies the skills of hiding and concealment. This art was adopted by a diverse range of individuals, including, but not limited to, spies, assassins, and of course, thieves. As cultural exchange between China and Japan progressed, the essence of ‘hiding and concealment’ underwent a transformation in Japanese texts, evolving into what is now known today as ninjutsu 忍術.

The Japanese Ninjutsu Research Society, recognizing the significance of this martial tradition, meticulously documented its evolution in their publication. Released in China in 1930, this book offers valuable insights into the historical and cultural interplay between these two nations.

The Japanese-authored book illuminates a crucial aspect often overlooked by contemporary researchers of ninja and ninjutsu 忍術: the interchangeable nature of yinshen shu 隱身術 and ninjutsu 忍術.