Yinshen shu 隱身術 is Ninjutsu 忍術

The Japanese authored book showing the interchangeability of 隱身術 yinshen shu and ninjutsu 忍術 – a point never grasped by modern ninja/ninjutsu researchers.

A Japanese book showing the interchangeability of the Chinese term ‘yinshen shu’ 隱身術 and the Japanese term of ‘ninjutsu’ 忍術.

Yinshen shu 隱身術 is the ancient Chinese art of hiding and concealment. This skill was once widespread in early China and often used as a defence tactic against overwhelming odds (like mongol raids). It went on to be used by all manner of people and included spies, assassins, and thieves. In later Japanese culture, written texts evolved away from the original classic Chinese writing and the art of ‘hiding and concealment’ became rewritten as ninjutsu 忍術.

The Japanese book featured here, was written and published by the ‘Japanese ninjutsu research society’ of the time. The book went on sale in China in 1930.