Adult Training

We research, practice and teach an ancient art of war. Maan Mut Ji Do or ‘Way of Ten Thousand Things’ 萬物之道 is an assassin’s art of stealth. Everything is real, practical and deadly if need be. One should understand that arts of war were developed for brutal conflict – even for use against overwhelming odds. They are very different to the modern so called ‘martial arts’ which are far removed derivatives of their original format. The art is as effective today as it was a thousand years ago. It is particularly helpful to quieter, smaller, people who avoid conflict naturally.

Why practice this art? Simply put; our human social order is now in total chaos. Extreme violence is widespread and increasing every day. Knife and machete attacks are more common and even being ‘normalised’. Rape is everywhere! Are you ready? There is an ancient Chinese saying that translates as ‘one life, one chance‘.

Can this practice make a real difference? Yes, more than you can imagine, and more than we can explain here. It takes time to train, time to become proficient, and even more time to be mentally prepared. That said, what else are you doing with your life? Training an art is good for the body and mind. It enriches the soul and it improves happiness. There is also a good community of people, with lots of laughter. We don’t see any downside!

Can anyone do this? Firstly, in ancient times anyone, and everyone, had to depend on themselves, so regardless whether you had a leg missing from combat or lost an eye while playing as a child, you had to develop a skill to survive. There was, and is, no promise of survival, ever. However, without training the mind and body, one definitely cannot survive. Secondly, not everyone can become an elite warrior, but trying will take you further than you can imagine.

I feel awkward and embarrassed. Don’t, or at least, try not to. We are a simple, kind and friendly lot. There is no judgement from us ever, and we are all busy overcoming our own inadequacies anyway. At Warrior Heart, we all remain humble for two obvious reasons;

  1. We practice with real weapons, all the time. Its becomes blatantly obvious to practitioners how easily life can end. This builds a wonderful, genuine respect for life, and for each other.
  2. We understand that even great warriors die in battle.
The video below gives an idea of the training and atmosphere at our adult sessions;