Research Preamble

Since 1987 we have traveled an unparalleled journey, delving deep into the realm of multicultural, multidisciplinary research focused on the ancient Chinese warrior arts of stealth and their diverse cultural offshoots. Every day, our dedicated team immerses itself in the study of ancient Chinese classics, forgotten manuscripts, archaeological discoveries, and anything else that may shed light on these esoteric traditions.

Our quest began with a pursuit of the origins of the Ninja, tracing a thread from Japanese traditions back to China. Sensing gaps in the historical narrative, we sought to complete the picture, leading us into the realms of Chinese martial arts, historical research, military strategy, and cultural exploration. What ensued was a monumental investigation, unrivaled in its scope and ambition.

Our working premise – legends are true until disproven or evidence dictates otherwise – guided our research methodology. Surprisingly, we found that many so-called legends held remarkable accuracy, offering invaluable insights into the ancient past. Central to our sources is the “Warrior Heart Record,” a compilation of manuscripts passed down exclusively through our martial lineage and augmented by other historical documents unearthed through our extensive research efforts.

Navigating through museums and engaging with collectors worldwide became essential steps in our quest for knowledge. While museums offered limited assistance initially, collectors proved to be invaluable allies, driven by their shared enthusiasm for preserving and uncovering historical truths.

Interactions with hermits, particularly along the China coast and mountain regions, provided unique perspectives and invaluable insights into certain aspects of our research. Despite encountering barriers with some researchers, we forged fruitful collaborations with individuals from various countries, each contributing to our expansive body of knowledge.

Our journey extended to interviews with Japanese masters who offered valuable insights into their own traditions, and the art as a whole. We further interviewed masters from across Southeast Asia, many in distress as their arts dissolved into modernity. Immersion within the Triads and Yakuza provided unprecedented access to real-world martial arts practices, further enriching our understanding of the ancient combat arts.

The culmination of nearly four decades of relentless research yielded profound insights into the origins of the Ninja and the evolution of martial arts across China and Japan. Our findings challenge contemporary perceptions of martial arts, revealing a profound disconnect between modern practices and their ancient roots.

In essence, our work underscores the importance of understanding history’s role in shaping martial arts, dispelling myths while revealing the timeless truths hidden within ancient legends. As we continue to share our findings, we aim to bridge the gap between past and present, offering a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Oriental martial arts.