Research Overview..

We have traveled an unparalleled journey, delving deep into the realm of multicultural, multidisciplinary research focused on the ancient Chinese warrior arts of stealth and their diverse cultural offshoots. Every day, we immerse ourselves in the study of the ancient classics, forgotten manuscripts, archaeological discoveries, and anything else that may shed light on these esoteric traditions. When we are not in the research studio, we are training and teaching these extraordinary arts of war, crafting forgotten weapons, and much more..

Master Kwan

Back in 1987, we were searching for a master who knew the old ways of Chinese martial arts – and of course – the Chinese art of stealth. After an arduous quest, we were eventually sent to Master Kwan Yuen Cheong 關潤昌 more here..

A brief history of stealth in China.

The Chinese art of stealth initially evolved from thieves located in and around the Yellow River basin area of ancient China. Stealth was the preferred method of operation as any use of force attracted a much more severe penalty for the said crime. Further, many of the so-called thieves were actually starving citizens – not of violent disposition – but were only stealing to survive a harsh war-torn environment.. more..

Forgotten skills