We are the worlds leading researchers and practitioners of Yin Fa 隱法, the Chinese art of stealth. Since 1987, we have pioneered modern, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural research of Chinese warrior arts and their relevant offshoots. We work with the ancient Chinese classics, forgotten manuscripts, archeological finds, and much more. We have served a formal 20 year apprenticeship with the last Master of this intriguing art and we have spent decades with members of the Chinese and Japanese underworld.

The art and subject requires the researcher and practitioner to ‘go beyond’ – go further, longer, harder – to the point of physical and mental collapse. To gain mastery of the complete art lies outside of what modern people are now prepared to do. For this reason we have begun to record our research and experiences for anyone who is interested. This blog is an ever growing record of our life’s work.

In 2021 we published the only book to ever be written, in any language or culture, on the Chinese art of stealth. The first edition was a collector’s item and the second edition will be available to the public in the near future.

Les Conn and Noelle Conn, The Chinese Art of Stealth, (2021),

We are quiet people who do not like the self praise concept so it has been difficult to write or talk about certain subjects. We hope the enlightened reader will see the truth that lies in humility.

We do not believe that knowledge is free, nor should all knowledge be presented on the internet. So, as much as we have said – there is a lot more we cannot say – for many, and varied reasons. We keep those stories and knowledge for people we know and trust. Thus, if you want to know more than is written here, please get to know us.

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