The Jin Si Sum 戦士心 (Warrior Heart) Child Development Program

This video introduces the Warrior Heart 戦士心 Child Development Program highlighting our fundamental principles and ideals.

Onyx and Madison – Training Record 2022

This short video records the training level of Onyx and Madison in the year 2022. In this video Onyx is 11 years old and Madison is 12 years old.

Warrior Heart 戦士心 – Kids Training 2018

A video record of kids in 2018. These little ones had three years regular training at the time of recording.

Fei Sim Jow Bik 飛簷走壁 – ‘Flitting Eaves, Running Walls”

Onyx at 7 years old, practicing her Fei Sim Jow Bik 飛簷走壁 or ‘Flitting Eaves, Running Walls” skill.