Ancient Chinese Historian Describes Japan

This video is a link to 'Voices of the Past' channel on Youtube.

Art of Assassins

This is an overview of Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道 or 'Way of Ten Thousand...

The Requirements for a Ninja

This video is a link to 'Voices of the Past' channel on Youtube.

Discussion – The Jiang Hu 江湖 and Chinese martial arts

Les chats about the Jiang Hu 江湖 and its connection to Chinese martial arts

Who were the Chinese Ninja?

This is a series of three videos giving a rough outline of stealth operatives across...

Fei Biao 飛鏢 – A mini documentary

A mini documentary we made some years ago on fei biao 飛鏢 (fei biu 飛鏢...

A look at life in the old kung fu schools!

We filmed the video below in the years around 1999-2000. It is made up of...

Chopsticks as a Projectile Weapon

A short video on the methods and practice of using chopsticks as a projectile weapon.

Andrew Hyder Interview #1

Andrew Hyder, archeologist and himself a long-time martial artist, interviews us on our historical research...

Francis Cordon Interview #1

Francis Cordon, martial artist and philosopher, interviews us on tracing back the history and origin...