Our Warrior Art

Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道, or ‘Way of Ten Thousand Things’ in the Cantonese dialect (Wan Wu Zi Dao 萬物之道 in Mandarin), is an ancient Chinese martial art with roots in the world of assassins. This art, rich in history, has been meticulously preserved and passed down through generations, equipping practitioners with the comprehensive skill set required to function as assassins did in antiquity. While its beginnings are firmly dated to around 2,700 years ago, there is compelling evidence suggesting an even older origin.

What sets Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道 apart is its emphasis on combat techniques that allow the use of any object as a weapon. This tradition evolved from failed assassination attempts, where operatives were caught trying to smuggle weapons into forbidden zones. To avoid detection, practitioners learned to improvise and utilize anything at hand as a weapon, whether a hairpin, chopstick, or a traditional blade.

Training in Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道 is rigorous and demanding. It involves acrobatics, running on roofs and walls, real weapons training, unarmed combat, stealth techniques, as well as aspects of health, medicine, mind control, and spiritual repair.

The following video is a presentation of Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道, the stealth art passed on to us from Master Kwan Yuen Cheong 關潤昌. The second video is about the structure of the art;