Who can practice this Art


Training at Warrior Heart 戦士心 is characterized by an enjoyable, somewhat informal atmosphere – one that belies a deep and serious approach to traditional Chinese martial arts. Advanced training employs real weapons and all skills must be fully functional.

Warrior Heart 戦士心 is a skill based school, as compared to form based schools which make up the majority of Chinese martial arts organizations today. That means our unarmed skills are tough – and practiced in full contact – so as to always be effective in real life situations. Weapons used in the more advanced stages of training are real, and bladed weapons are extremely sharp. Although our methods of practice are strong and uncompromising, our members are required to be peaceful and kind in nature.

Who can do this?..

Practicing our warrior art will not be a walk in the park for anyone. With that said, it is not impossible either and we have gone to great lengths to create a program that is manageable and enjoyable for modern people. Bear in mind, it will take time and effort and it wont be easy!

  1. Assuming we have space available, anyone of good health can join us. If you have any physical complications, please talk to us with the specific details first.
  2. Training is age and ability appropriate. Don’t be embarrassed to start, to learn, or to be unable to do something specific. You will find everyone of us has a problem area. That is the nature of being human.
  3. We teach real martial arts for real world problems. We do not offer martial art training as “exercise only”. Please try another school if exercise is your only requirement.
  4. We do not teach, nor promote, any religion, of any kind. On occasion, we discuss Chinese philosophical concepts that connect to the understanding and application of Chinese martial arts. For example; avoiding violence, why, how etc.
  5. Our fees are not negotiable. Payment of the monthly fee simply opens the door to the teaching of tradition. After that, we talk and train for human benefit and development.
  6. There are no contracts and we offer month-to-month payments only.