Finding the Trigger

Every child is essentially the same – but they are all different too. Children can all do the most basic things, as can most of us. They can crawl, walk, talk, etc. When it comes to changing the daily movements into exotic, big movements, say a cartwheel, the teacher (Sifu) must be skilled. Skilled in the art itself, but also skilled in transmitting the art to others. Then, beyond that, is the ‘trigger’. The trigger is that inexplicable thing, a way, an attitude, a something, that opens the way for the child to develop. It is that mysterious door that opens the way for the child to go further than ever imagined.

Jock and Broussow – 2 person acrobatics 2021

The trigger is different for each child. One child will try a cartwheel without being afraid. Others will fear for the unknown. Those children need a Sifu (master/teacher) to find their trigger – to find their individual quirk – that makes the child break down their own barriers and overcome themselves.

We take the time to watch each and every child. What they like, what they dislike, are afraid of, and so on. At some point, we are hopefully able to find the trigger. From the moment we can open that door, every child can grow. Once they grow in their martial arts training, so they grow in all aspects of their life. Confidence then expands and the positive cycle is forever in place.

Young Luke (age 6) testing his mind and resolve for his green belt test. (15 minutes kneeling with no movement)