We have gained considerable knowledge from our research and personal experiences in the Far East. We have conducted seminars in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Topics that may pique your interest in our seminars are:-

  • The Chinese art of stealth.
  • Ninjutsu and its comparison to Yin Fa 隱法.
  • The origin of Far Eastern martial arts and the importance it plays in making your art work.
  • Why your Chinese martial arts don’t work and how to repair the situation.
  • The three levels of realisation in Chinese martial arts training.

You may also be interested to combine any of the following talks with the above-mentioned training:

  • Stealth as a military strategy (in Chinese history).
  • The concept of hiding as a defence.
  • Military strategy should be used in martial arts training.
  • Ch’an (Zen) and living with the hermits of China.
  • The concept of ‘The Way of Ten Thousand Things’.
  • The importance of reaching back to historical texts.
  • What’s in a word? The importance of finding out which Chinese character or Kanji was originally used.
  • Chinese martial arts were originally weapons skills and what this means for today’s practice.

If you’d like us to visit your training centre and you would like all the details on how to go about organizing a seminar, please email using the address below. Please note: the email address below is an image not a hyperlink.