Results in brief

Our multi-discipline, multi-language research, has been ongoing since 1987. The following is a list of our discoveries that have sound evidence to support them. In each case, we have gone further and deeper than any other researcher before us.

  • We have discovered the Chinese art of stealth, both in historical terms and actual physical art. This has a surprising and complete historical record that stretches back further than one can imagine.
  • We have evidence of the Chinese art of stealth being used in overseas settlements such as San Francisco post-1800 and South Africa post-1700.
  • In our opinion, we have discovered the Chinese origin of the Japanese ninja and their art of war. This is a large ongoing project.
  • We discovered the origin of fei biao, lit. ‘flying dart’, with sound historical evidence and actual skill of many types. The origin and age of this skill is truly surprising.
  • We have traced the origin of Japanese shuriken to China and have knowledge of the oldest shuriken in Japan today. They are older than you imagine.
  • Chin Na is the most misunderstood of all Chinese martial skills. This discovery has been so profound, that it changes the outcome of all Chinese martial arts.
  • We have uncovered the origin and evolution of most Chinese martial arts weapons, and even more importantly, why they are like they are. To see the origin and evolutionary development is really exciting. The origin is unbelievable, but we have archeological evidence, so believe it!
  • We have found and practiced the ‘Old Way of Shaolin’. It is completely different from today’s Shaolin. The historical record is surprising in so many ways.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu originates in China, not from an Indian monk. (Not our discovery but our work supports the same result.)
  • We have uncovered the historical origins of Karate, Kobudo, Jujutsu, and Sumo. They are not what is being portrayed today.