Questions and Answers

Question: Is the ‘ninja thing’ real or just a gimmick? Answer: It is real. These people were real warriors in Far Eastern history. We are the worlds leading researchers and practitioners of Yin Fa 隱法, the Chinese art of stealth. Since 1987, we have pioneered modern, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural research of Chinese warrior arts and their relevant offshoots. We work with the ancient Chinese classics, forgotten manuscripts, archeological finds, and much more. We have served a formal 20 year apprenticeship with the last Master of this intriguing art and we have spent decades with members of the Chinese and Japanese underworld. Further info is available on our research web here. In 2021 we published the only book to ever be written, in any language or culture, on the Chinese art of stealth. The first edition was a collector’s item and the second edition will be available to the public in the near future. 

Question: So why are you in Ballito? Answer: We love Ballito and love Africa. We are nature lovers and appreciate all Africa offers. We left the Far East after many years and have made Ballito our home.

Question: Do you teach any religion? Answer: No, we do not teach any religion or dogma, of any kind. We teach only the warrior art mentioned and the mindset needed to survive bad situations.

Question: Do your martial arts work in real life? Answer: Yes, without doubt. We have many videos and explanations online that should demonstrate the point clearly. We are adamant that our exponents should be able to defend themselves in extremely violent situations, against single or multiple opponents, armed, or unarmed. (a broad subject so please talk to us if you feel the need) The art of stealth is a warrior art, used for millennia in Chinese warfare. It remains an art of war and can be brought to bear if necessary. The amount, and function, that is taught to children is limited and connected to their growth and maturity though.

Question: Can my child learn at other martial art schools while in your program? Answer: Respectfully, no, sorry. The child will be confused by different structure, concepts, and egos. We also cant manage the added push-back the child gives when they prefer the other schools method, for whatever reason. Simply, if you cant see that our program is more than any other school offers, perhaps your child shouldn’t be with us.

Question: My child has ADD/ADHD, will your program be able to help him/her? Answer: Yes, our program does help, and in many cases completely cures the ADD type syndrome completely (with some help from parents).

Question: My child is autistic (or on the spectrum of autistic) will your program be able to help him/her? Answer: No, we are not equipped to work with any special needs children. Sorry!

Question: My child is being targeted by bullies. Will your program help? Answer: Yes it will, but it takes time – the amount of time is dependent on what the cause and solution are. Children who are in our program for the longer haul are never bullied.

Question: My child is a bully. Will your program be able to help him/her? Answer: Yes, for sure. Bullies progress well in high discipline environments. Generally, we can help if the family structure is not badly damaged.

Question: My child is overweight. Can they join the program? Answer: If your child is inside normal BMI measurements, we can enroll them. If they are in an overweight category, we cannot take them in. This is because this specific warrior art demands a lot of the body joints and tendons. Overweight people are easily and unnecessarily injured. Please get them to lose weight first and then we can take it from there.

Question: Do the kids enter competitions or fight in the ring? Answer: No, we teach children a warrior art that develops them in a positive manner and gives them tools for defence in serious situations. Competition and ring fighting develop aggression and feed the ego and are opposite to our school ethos. Many school yard bullies today are from ‘ring fighting background’ of one sort or another.