Warrior Heart Child Development

Welcome to the Warrior Heart Child Development Program, affectionately known as ‘Ninja School’. We develop extraordinary physical and mental ability, discipline, and tenacity, in children and teens. We do it all through the practice of an ancient Chinese warrior art. The program is fun and rewarding and replaces – and enhances upon – the developmental play that was once a norm in our society.

Originally, the program had only been embraced by an informed few who understood the value of martial arts and what such training did for human development and self improvement. Recently, the program has become a necessity for anyone determined to nurture a balanced child and/or teenager.

The introduction of electronic devices has radically changed everything in our society. Children are suffering from a broad range of problems with very few adults understanding, or even recognising, the true extent of the situation. We have personally witnessed the extreme deterioration in children’s physical and mental abilities as compared to the years gone by. For example, we are now working with the first group of five year olds who cannot run – yes, they cannot run – that particular function has not switched on due to lifestyle changes and parental restrictions.

The Warrior Heart ‘Ninja School’. Ballito. 2018

Security issues combined with COVID-19 lockdowns have since added to the destruction of young bodies and minds. Confidence levels are now at an all time low as young people base their image of ‘self’ on social media standards and online peer comments. The increase in screen time during the lockdown has further damaged our young people’s brain function and we are now witnessing more serious psychological damage than ever before.

The Warrior Heart Child Development Program stimulates extraordinary physical and mental development through the ancient Chinese warrior art of stealth (the art of a ninja). The art is both demanding and rewarding, and if approached in the correct manner, will rehabilitate and stimulate the body and mind of the individual beyond compare. The bi-product of regular training over time is that the practitioner will become a ‘quiet warrior’ – they will have learnt a powerful warrior art that can be used for self protection if ever required.

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