The Warrior Heart institute

The ‘Warrior Heart’ 戦士心 institute was founded in its modern form in Hong Kong in 1987. Warrior Heart is a training and research institute with focus on the Chinese warrior art of stealth.

Jin Si Sum 戦士心 in Cantonese

Zhan Shi Xin 戦士心 in Mandarin

The modern structure continues on from our lineage of knowledge handed down from Master Kwan Yuen Cheong 關潤昌 to Les and Noelle Conn over their 20 year formal apprenticeship period.

By 1999 schools were operating in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, due to the government ban on Chinese throwing darts and other bladed weapons, Les and Noelle moved the Warrior Heart 戦士心 training centre away from Hong Kong in 2009. The institute is currently headquartered in South Africa, with a new incubator school in Tennessee (USA).

As a result of rising rentals and COVID 19 restrictions, all overseas training sessions are now conducted online through experimental groups. We are currently developing ways of passing intricate knowledge through this medium.

The Warrior Heart 戦士心 historical research group also started in 1987. The purpose being for the academic research of Chinese martial arts history and culture. Through multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual research, the group has since made several historical discoveries that rewrite a key part of Chinese military history.

  • Warrior Heart 戦士心 is for the development and preservation of Chinese martial culture as it was transmitted by our previous masters.
  • Warrior Heart 戦士心 historical research is for the continued improvement of our art by understanding the history and ancient practices unique to this community.

  • There are no secrets held in Warrior Heart 戦士心. All knowledge and skills are open to anyone and everyone according to the layout of the curriculum and time spent training.

Les Conn (left) Master Kwan Yuen Cheong 關潤昌 (centre) Noelle Conn (Wong Siu Kuen 黃少娟) (right) circ. 2003

Warrior Heart 戦士心, Ballito HQ. 2018